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ISRT Studentship

We aim to encourage high-quality research into regeneration and repair in the injured spinal cord by fostering a new generation of dedicated scientists and clinicians. We are focused on ensuring that we have the necessary breadth of skills and experience to develop treatments for spinal cord injury.

Our ISRT Studentship postgraduate PhD awards were set up as the result of a generous legacy in 1996. The three-year grants are aimed at encouraging the development of talented, highly-motivated young scientists in the field of spinal cord repair, in both clinical and basic science research environments.

We have funded over 40 student awards under this grant. Here are the two latest awards.


Restoration of urinary function in spinal cord injury using olfactory cell transplant combined with bladder nerve electrical stimulation
University of Bristol

Bladder function is frequently impaired in people living with paralysis and can severely reduce quality of life.

This research will seek to restore urinary continence following spinal cord injury by combining the transplantion of olfactory ensheathing cells expressing chondroitinase ABC into the spinal cord and repeated daily electrical stimulation of sacral bladder nerves using an implanted neuroprosthesis.


A non-invasive ergogenic neuroprosthesis to improve exercise capacity and therapeutic adaptations in individuals with spinal cord injury
University of Birmingham

Individuals with higher level spinal cord injuries often have reduced levels of cardiorespiratory fitness which in some cases can require dependence on a carer.

This work will investigate whether transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation is capable of improving cardiorespiratory fitness through modulation of cardiovascular and motor functions in individuals with chronic SCI.

Spinal Research student, Alba

Spinal Research is funding great projects around the world, meaning a great move towards discovery. I can only say thank you for the great opportunity of having an ISRT Studentship award to fund my work.

Alba Guijarro Belmar, PhD student at University of Aberdeen

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