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Alice's Story

After suffering a spinal injury in 2019, Alice Berwick is taking on the challenge to complete 100,000 steps in just 24-hours to raise funds for Spinal Research. Learn more about Alice's journey and her amazing challenge taking place on the 24th of October!

In March 2019, Alice was working on a horse yard breaking in horses when a horse dragged her after a lunge line got tangled around her hand. She went head first at high speed into a metal post.

She broke 10 vertebrae in her neck and back, as well as breaking her ribs and sternum. She spent 1 week in the ICU, 10 weeks in hospital and 6 months in intensive rehab (5 days a week all day). Alice spent a couple of months in a wheelchair but fortunately regained her ability to walk.

I have now had 2 back operations. I was unbelievably lucky to not have died in the accident and even luckier that I was not left paralysed.

Medical care

Alice is extremely grateful to the medical professionals who played a critical role in her progress. "It is due to amazing healthcare I received that I was not paralysed. Quick action and the surgery I went through are a huge factor in why I have been able to do so well. I have also received amazing care from several physios who have made a huge difference in my recovery."

The Effect of the Injury

Despite Alice's best efforts to go back to work as a horse trainer, the pain in her spine was too much.

I have had to give up my career as a horse trainer and am now studying to become a certified dog trainer.

Alice on life post-injury

Although that aspect has been hard for Alice, she has worked very hard on physio and recovery and is back to being very active again. Her family is very happy with her progress, particularly after such a stressful and worrying time.

Raising Awareness

Alice has chosen to support Spinal Research because she believes it will change many people's lives in many different ways. Spinal cord injuries not only affect the ability to walk, but many other bodily functions. Research into these areas can lead to treatments that would improve the quality of life for thousands living in the UK and many more around the world. 

While she considers herself lucky that she recovered, she understands that many are not so lucky. In order to raise awareness for those living with spinal cord injuries, she aims to complete 100,000 steps in just 24 hours to raise £1000 for Spinal Research. That roughly equates to 45 miles - approaching double the London Marathon distance!

Hopes for the Future

Alice hopes to become a great dog trainer and for one day to own her own horse again so that she can go back to some gentle horse riding. She would also like to go back to traveling and more than anything to take advantage of the use of her legs as much as possible.

I want to get much fitter and improve my running, as well as hike up some mountains. I want to do as much as I can with the body I have!