April 2020 - Coronavirus Research Update

Due to the ongoing pandemic our research programme has been impacted. Many restrictions affect universities worldwide, and will do so for the foreseeable future. For now, we will continue to support and initiate our planned programme. 

People with spinal cord injury are particularly vulnerable during this COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them have a weakened immune system, while some will have respiratory issues. This all puts them at huge risk of developing serious health complications. This is deeply concerning in this current crisis.  

Understandably, we are also concerned about the health and wellbeing of our dedicated scientists, so they too are following government guidelines on social distancing. Our researchers are still making use of this time though, and the current circumstances will have different impact on different researches. For some, it is a chance to analyse data or plan new experiments, for others, they can lay the ground work or focus on publishing their papers. But whatever the situation research has found itself in, it will be in the best possible position for a prompt return.

Looking to the future, we have an exciting research portfolio being developed by the new Scientific Advisory Committee, and we look forward to sharing this in due course when we are through this.