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cake sale

Bake some cakes and fund research

Organising a Cake sale is an excellent way to raise money for Spinal Research.

Cake sales are easy to organise, fun to do and everyone will love you for it. Ask everyone to help with the baking – the more cakes and biscuits you have to sell; the more money you will make. It is always worth asking for donations from your local cake shop or supermarket. We can provide authorisation letters to help you.

Decide on a time and place and ask permission from the appropriate authorities. Have a cash box and start with a reasonable amount of change in it. Write down the amount so you know how much you earn. Keep the cash box safe throughout the event.

It’s always a good idea to hold your sale when your customers will be hungry. There is nothing more tempting than a nice homemade cake with morning coffee or afternoon tea in the office. Alternatively, a cake sale after school is a great idea. Don’t forget children are always ravenous then. Remember, you will make more money out of individual cakes and slices of cakes than you will from a whole cake.

Be prepared to display your cakes beautifully and your customers will be tempted to buy more. Publicise your sale using our cake sale posters so the children know to bring their money into school. We can supply you with collection tins, posters, balloons and t-shirts to brand and publicise your event. Just complete the form below.

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