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Chris Allen

Spinal Research Ambassador and BrickRunner Master Builder

Chris Allen

“In 2009 I fell down a flight of stairs and fractured my T6/7/8 vertebrae. I spent six months walking with crutches and a cane and going to physical therapy. In 2016 I decided I needed something to work towards when my brother challenged me to run a marathon. 24 hours later I had signed up to run London Marathon 2017 for Spinal Research. I started running for Spinal Research, because I’m lucky enough to still be walking. Some people aren’t as lucky as me, and three people every day are told they’ll never walk again.”

Since running his first event post injury in 2017 Chris has carried on running to support Spinal Research. He has become a valued supporter, was invited to become an ambassador for the charity in 2019 and has raised over £7,000. One of his fantastic fundraising initiatives was to call on his skills as a designer and combine it with everyone’s love of Lego to create BrickRunners.

“When my friend and fellow Spinal Research supporter, Eric Keeler, was running across the US; from Lubec, Maine to Santa Monica, California; I illustrated Eric’s journey as a BrickRunner along with one of my own characters, Bear. Slowly, Eric evolved from hand drawn cartoons to a digital mascot.

In May 2019 while fundraising for Berlin Marathon, I continued by illustrating everyone as their very own BrickRunner as a way of saying thanks to supporters. It wasn’t long before a few people turned into a sponsorship from the National Running Show and as of March 2020, there is now a growing community of over 400 BrickRunners.”

In 2020 BrickRunners became an official partner with 10% of every sale on the BrickRunners website being donated to Spinal Research. You can order yourself a personalised BrickRunner by visiting

This year (2020), being ten years since his injury, Chris has challenged himself to complete ten marathons/ultras including London, Berlin, Chicago and New York Marathons. Due to Coronavirus Chris will be doing these events during 2021 and 2022 instead.

You can follow Chris and his challenges here:
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I sometimes still can’t believe how lucky I am to be walking and able to do the things I do, this year is about seeing what I’m capable of and celebrating how far I’ve come.

Chris Allen, Spinal Research Ambassador

Running for Spinal Research has been great and the support that we receive is second to none. From the training plans and fundraising advice to the chat groups with fellow fundraisers, it really does feel like a community.

Chris Allen, BrickRunners

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