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Do your own thing

and make research happen

Do your own thing

We are blown away by the ideas our amazing supporters come up with to fundraise to make spinal research happen.

From tea parties to cycling challenges to swimming around the Isle of Wight. If you have an idea to fundraise please get in touch so we can support your fundraising.

Or maybe, you have secured your own place on a run or challenge and would like to use the opportunity to raise vital funds for research.

How we can support you:

  • We can help with practical advice and support and suggest ways to maximise your fundraising
  • We can send you materials that may support your fundraising
  • We can promote your fundraising to our supporters and help you promote further.

I was just 4mm away from being paralysed in a bad car crash, I wanted to support people who weren’t so lucky and have had their lives changed forever.

Callum Nuth, raised £250 by shaving his head

Looking for Ideas?

Here are some to get you started

  • Set up a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook or collect in donations instead of presents
  • Set yourself a personal challenge - be it sporty, giving something up or doing something out of your comfort zone
  • Have a bake sale Get your colleagues involved, or invite your friends for afternoon tea 
  • Host a tea party, a picnic or dinner party
  • Put on a sports day - get the competition going
  • Get hairy – wear a wig or grow a beard
  • Dress-down or dress- up day
  • Put on a fashion show
  • Host a charity dinner or ball – be it fancy dress or black tie
  • Hold a collection in supermarkets/town centres/pubs – don’t forget to request permission or get a permit.
  • Collect loose change from your colleagues, family and friends – it all adds up 
  • Have a raffle or tombola
  • Host a quiz – get prizes donated and charge for entry
  • Hold a sweepstake – choosing a favorite sporting event
  • Auction donated items – hold and event or use ebay (no fees if you donate 100% to charity)
  • Hold a seasonal themed event – Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Hold a festive party, have an Easter egg eating competition, or a seasonal fancy dress day in the office.