February 2018 - Chondroitinase ABC in the canine model

In 2013 Spinal Research agreed funding to Iowa State University for the study of Phase II trial of heat-stabilized chondroitinase in a canine translational model of severe chronic spinal cord injury. Researchers had previously determined potentially translatable interventions but translation to clinics is not straightforward. The study aimed to find further evidence to support human trials.

The research concluded “…that this study provides strong evidence in support of initiation of clinical trials of chondroitinase ABC in humans with chronic spinal cord injury.”

Published in ‘The Brain’ in February 2018, an abstract of the research can be found below.
Hilary Z Hu, Nicolas Granger, S Balakrishna Pai, Ravi V Bellamkonda, Nick D Jeffery; Therapeutic efficacy of microtube-embedded chondroitinase ABC in a canine clinical model of spinal cord injury, Brain, , awy007,  Abstract.

Spinal Research is also funding another study in a dog model for bladder and bowel function. Read more.