First research studies approved by collaboration with Reeve Foundation

Spinal Research and The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation are happy to announce the first allocation of research awards as part of our new strategic alliance.

Responding to the scientific call for projects issued in 2020, these four research projects are focused on restoring neural/motor function primarily through novel circuit formation in the chronic stages of spinal cord injury (SCI).

Each grantee is awarded up to $330,000 (approximately £250,000) over two-three years for the projects, which include input from clinicians to ensure the outcome measures are feasible and relevant in humans.  In addition, grantees will publicly share data resulting from their research on a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) platform. The rigorous selection process was led by a Steering Committee and Scientific Review Board comprised of international experts in the field and individuals living with spinal cord injury.  

“Accelerating the delivery of meaningful therapeutics is at the heart of our strategic alliance with the Reeve Foundation. These exciting translational awards are a first joint step on the journey towards the repair and restoration of the spinal cord,” said Harvey Sihota , Chief Executive of ISRT (Spinal Research).

These are the first projects to receive joint funding, and illustrate how the two organisations are working together to develop and deliver meaningful therapeutics for the SCI community.

“Uniting the brightest minds in the field as they work to translate breakthroughs and deliver real-world therapies is the core of our approach to funding cures for SCI and paralysis. Our alliance with ISRT is a model of the collaborative, global commitment required of the field to make cures possible,” said Maggie Goldberg, President and CEO, Reeve Foundation. “These first projects are a vital step toward meaningful therapeutics, and we’re excited to support this work.”

Click here to read the full press release, and we look forward to telling our supporters more about these exciting projects over the next few weeks.