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Get On Your Saddle


We are looking for people to use their passion for motorcycling to raise funds for Spinal Research. Whether you organise a ride out or do a virtual sponsored ride we need you to Get On Your Saddle for Spinal Research.

Getting started

  • Challenge yourself to complete a sponsored ride of 50km, 100km or 200km or choose your own distance, like the distance from London to Paris, only 344km! You may want to incorporate laps of your favourite race course or a virtual ‘route’ to take in your favourite bike ride ever
  • Keep track of your distance covered in the time you set yourself, whether you do it in one day or over a week or two. There are many free phone apps you can download to do this like  mapmyride
  • Book a track day with friends and ask them all for a small donation
  • Organise a ride out and ask for an entry fee and donation to Spinal Research. Plan an event at the finish with a picnic, BBQ or music for all the family
  • Arrange for a Sunday lunch meet up at your local pub and plan a raffle or whip round
  • Join our Get On Your Saddle campaign and set up an online Justgiving page and post messages to all your supporters telling them about any milestones along the way and thanking them for their support 
  • Take a photo of yourself for us to include in our Get On Your Saddle campaign pages and upload images to your social media accounts including the hashtag #TeamSpinal
  • Spread the word everywhere you can and let’s get everyone on their saddle for Spinal Research. We have posters, leaflets and graphics just let us know what you need