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Hold a collection

A collection is a fantastic way to support us, whether it’s to help reach your fundraising target for an event or challenge, or to generally contribute to our important work. 

You could leave a collection tin at the reception of your workplace, or at your local club, shop or school. You could also hold a collection, for example at your bake sale or quiz night fundraiser, or at your local supermarket. 


  • Decide what you want to do – we can help you with ideas! 
  • Make sure you have permission from the organization 
  • We will send you branded collection tins, t-shirts and anything else you need 
  • Place your tin or hold your collection!
  • Count the money you raised in a secure place, and make sure you have someone with you 
  • Pay in the funds

Fill out the form below so that we can offer guidance and send you the materials you need.