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How we work

Ensuring we do the best research

Strategic Advisory Committee

The Strategic Advisory Committee is an international body of non-remunerated eminent scientists and clinicians who advise the Trustees on research. Their input is instrumental in developing our strategic approach to research funding. The membership of the committee reflects a diverse range of expertise from molecular and cell biology to neurosurgery and clinical practice.


Dr Mark Bacon (Chair)
Professor Susan C. Barnett
Professor James W. Fawcett
Professor Robin Franklin
Professor James Guest (Deputy Chair)
Professor Ann Logan
Professor Steven B. McMahon
Professor Joost Verhaagen

Grant Advisory Committee

The Grant Advisory Committee is a fundamental part of the grant review process. This committee also provides advice on other matters, such as response to specific enquiries from the press or official bodies.


Professor Susan Barnett
Professor Armin Blesch
Dr Marc Bolliger
Professor Elizabeth Bradbury
Professor Divya Chari
Professor Bernie Conway (Chair)
Professor Simone Di Giovanni
Dr Ronaldo M Ichiyama
Dr Lawrence Moon

Association of Medical Research Charities

We strictly follow the policies laid down by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) detailed below


  • Follow AMRC principles of peer review and AMRC’s policies on animal research to ensure they all work to the same high standards
  • Publish a research strategy to show how the research they fund benefits patients and is part of the funding ecosystem
  • Have a conflicts of interest policy for their scientific advisory panels so that all funding decisions are impartial quality and standards
  • Our five principles of peer review are: accountability, balance, independent decision making, rotation and impartiality
  • We assess charities’ peer review processes when they apply for membership and carry out an audit of all members every five years
  • Universities, government and funding bodies use AMRC membership as a hallmark of quality

 We received the latest AMRC Peer Review certificate in 2015. The AMRC Peer Review is awarded every five years.

Charity Trustees

Mr D B Allan FRCS RCPSG (Chairman)
Mr I Curtis (Honorary Treasurer)
His Honour Peter Benson
Miss E F M Blois
Prof J W Fawcett PhD FRCP​​
Dr Ruth McKernan CBE FMedSci
Miss J Pelly
Mr R Shelton
Mr D J R G Thomson MB, ChB, LLM, LLB, FCIArb


Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18 (pdf)

Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17 (pdf)

Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16 (pdf)

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