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A historical review of SCI treatment

September 1st

Dr Karim Fouad (University of Alberta) will give a review of how spinal cord injury has been treated historically with a summary on SCI research to consumers.

Low invasive Anisogel therapy to unidirectionally guide regenerating nerves

September 7th

Prof. Laura De Laporte (DWI – Leibniz-Institut für Interaktive Materialien e.V.) on using Anisogel to guide regenerating neurons and PhD student Greg States (University of Louisville) will discuss his work on the interpretation of pedal reaction forces in a rat model of motorized cycling.

Regenerative approaches to treat SCI

September 14th

Dr Zhigang He Boston (Childrens Hopsital, Harvard Medical School) discuss regenerative approaches to treating spinal cord injury and Dr Ashley Dalrymple will discuss Transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation: non-invasive neuromodulation.

COVID-19: changes in patient demographics, challenges for SCI research.

September 21st

Dr Mariel Purcell (Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit) will discuss clinical research and PhD student Maria Germann (Newcastle University) will discuss improving upper limb movement after SCI.

Spinal cord gateways to restore neurological functions after SCI

September 28th

Prof. Grégoire Courtine (Center for Neuroprosthetics and Brain Mind Institute) will discuss the restoration of neurological function following spinal cord injury and PhD student Jared Sydney Smith (King's College London) will discuss improving sensorimotor deficits following spinal cord injury with peripheral Neurotrophin-3

Innovations in clinical trials & Q&A

September 30th

Dr Jim Guest (University of Miami) will discuss recent innovations into trials.

Panel Session

30th September

To close the month we have an expert panel who will be willing to take questions from the audience. Panel members: Dr Kristine Cowley (University of Manitoba), Dr James Guest (University of Miami),Dr Karim Fouad (University of Alberta).