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Changing the future of spinal cord injury

Nipuni Gamage

After completing an MSc in Neuroscience at King’s College London, Nipuni went on to study Regenerative Medicine at the University of Bristol. She is currently researching methods to restore urinary function in spinal cord injury in Dr Nicholas Granger’s lab, funded by Spinal Research. Nipuni will be working with olfactory ensheathing cells combined with bladder nerve electrical stimulation to restore bladder function, using a rodent model of spinal cord injury.

The funding from Spinal Research won’t only aid me in discovering improved treatments for the symptoms of spinal cord injuries, but it will also help me gain numerous new skills that will be advantageous for my future career as a researcher and help me reach my full potential.

Nipuni Gamage, PhD student

Why neuroscience research in spinal cord injury is important to Nipuni

"From a young age, I have been exposed to the importance and fragility of the spinal cord through family and friend’s experiences. And since then, I have felt the need to help advance the knowledge and research been done in spinal cords, so that in the future, spinal cord injuries have a lesser detrimental impact on the health of loved ones."