January 2019 - Approval of stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury concerns scientists

The Japanese government has approved a stem cell therapy for use in spinal cord injury. The treatment is available to patients at a cost. However, eminent scientists in the field have expressed a number of concerns regarding the study including missing steps in the process that would be a legal requirement in the UK.

Dr Mark Bacon, Executive and Scientific Director at Spinal Research said
"Breakthroughs in effective treatments for spinal cord injury are extremely welcome, but patient safety must come first. The research seems premature in being approved. The therapy has not been assessed in all areas usual in translation to patients. Unsubstantiated interventions undermine objective scientific studies that would help other people with SCI.”

Spinal Research supports the statement on unproven cellular therapies for spinal cord injury from The International Campaign for Cures of Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis.

You can read about the research on Nature website.