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Bart Nieuwenhuis speaking at the Spinal Research Network Meeting

Changing the future of spinal cord injury

Bart Nieuwenhuis

Bart Nieuwenhuis completed his BSc Biomedical Sciences and MSc (cum laude) Neurosciences  at VU University Amsterdam. His particular interest and focus was, and still is, neuronal regeneration and plasticity.
In 2014 Bart commenced his PhD, funded by Spinal Research, at University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. James Fawcett. The three year study 'An integrin strategy for corticospinal tract regeneration' is also supervised by Prof. Joost Verhaagen at Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience.

His doctoral research aims to deliver regeneration-associated molecules, such as integrins, into the corticospinal tract to promote regeneration after injury. The research includes the generation of viral vectors and to test them in cell cultures and animal models.

Bart At Spinal Research Network Meeting

My ambition is to become an academic researcher in neurosciences to learn more about the fascinating nervous system. The research topics that inspire me are neuronal regeneration and plasticity with a molecular and cellular approach.