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Brain with Neurones

Changing the future of spinal cord injury

George Gibbons

After completing his MSc in Biomedicine at Lancaster University, George went on to study Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. During his MPhil course, George worked with Dr Andras Lakatos studying different stem cell derived spinal neurons and astrocytes. In 2019, George started his Clinical Neuroscience PhD in Dr Andras Lakatos' lab, funded by Spinal Research. His research focuses on utilising human systems to model cortico-spinal circuity.

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George Gibbons, PhD Student

Why neuroscience research in spinal cord injury is important to George

"Therapeutic interventions for Spinal Cord Injury are currently lacking. This can leave patients with poor motor outcomes despite high costs and investments in rehabilitation programs. To better develop strategies to improve treatments for SCI, further understanding is required into the molecular and cellular mechanisms at play. Bridging previous work from rodent models, with novel stem cell derived human models, should aid in discovery of new therapeutic targets and mechanisms with the aim of further developing greater treatment options for patients."