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image of nerves from the spinal cord

Changing the future of spinal cord injury

Keri Anderson

Keri completed her MSc in Biotechnology in 2019 at the University of Glasgow and started her PhD with Dr Aleksandra Vuckovic in the same year. Her PhD is focuses on central neuropathic pain (CNP) after spinal cord injury.

This funding is an incredible opportunity to contribute to the growing efforts of Spinal Research and further my understanding of spinal cord injury through my PhD.

Keri Anderson, PhD student

Why neuroscience research in spinal cord injury is important to Keri

"Damage to the spinal cord is largely unpredictable and is hugely devastating and detrimental to thousands of lives in the UK alone. To date there is no such cure and limited understanding about the development of neuropathic pain associated with spinal cord injuries. This pain affects more than half of all patients and as a result, their quality of life among other things. Advancing my knowledge of this pain is something I endeavour to achieve through my PhD with Spinal Research, along with the hope of guiding the design of future treatments for pain."