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Meet the Team

At Spinal Research we currently have a team covering research, fundraising, finance, and everything in between. Scroll down to found out more about who we are and what we do.

Harvey Sihota

Chief Executive Officer

Harvey, who lives with a spinal cord injury himself, joined to lead the charity in 2020 with the goal to deliver effective treatments and technologies to those with SCI.

He brings with him a wealth of experience from the Finance & Technology sector as well as a track record of building a sustainable not-for-profit organisation in the SCI rehabilitation sector.

Harvey enjoys reading, travelling and learning about neuroscience. As well as following sports, he also continues to look after his body and nervous system through activity-based training.

Timea Konya MSc

Head of Research and Executive Assistant

Timea joined the charity in 2006 as a Grants Administrator. Since 2014 she is managing our research portfolio, including projects, studentships, scientific meetings, conferences and our Advisory Boards.

Her passions involve volleyball, coaching, refereeing and playing at National Level, and more recently mountain biking and long forest walks.

To contact Timea email or call 020 7653 8937

Andy Russell

Marketing and Communications Manager

Andy joined the team in February 2021, heading up the Marketing and Communications team. Andy suffered a spinal cord injury in 1996, and is passionate about helping our supporters understand more about the scientific research, as well as how to support the charity through fundraising.

Away from work Andy enjoys travelling, trying to perfect his French, spending lazy days at the cricket and following the fortunes of West Ham United.

To contact Andy email

Michael Leighton

Communications and Content Officer

Michael joined in 2020 and is responsible for creating media content for campaigns. Having an educational background in neuroscience as well as lived experience with a spinal cord injury, he is determined to learn more about cutting-edge research and the best ways to communicate this through media.

In his free time, Michael is either butchering the acoustic guitar, drawing or animating.

To contact Michael, email


Director of Fundraising

Louisa joined in 2022. Having previously spent 15 years working at Cancer Research UK, Comic Relief and Save the Children, her experience in fundraising and passion is invaluable.

In her spare time, Louisa enjoys running and reading – with the help of audiobooks she often manages to do both at once! She also loves to bake, and spend the rest of her time having intense conversations with one of the four cats she has in the family.