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Meet the Team

At Spinal Research we currently have a team of six - covering research, fundraising, finance, and everything in between. Scroll down to found out more about who we are and what we do.

Harvey Sihota

Chief Executive Officer

Harvey, who lives with a spinal cord injury himself, joined to lead the charity in 2020 with the goal to deliver effective treatments and technologies to those with SCI.

He brings with him a wealth of experience from the Finance & Technology sector as well as a track record of building a sustainable not-for-profit organisation in the SCI rehabilitation sector.

Harvey enjoys reading, travelling and learning about neuroscience. As well as following sports, he also continues to look after his body and nervous system through activity-based training.

Timea Konya MSc

Head of Research and Executive Assistant

Timea joined the charity in 2006 as a Grants Administrator. Since 2014 she is managing our research portfolio, including projects, studentships, scientific meetings, conferences and our Advisory Boards.

Her passions involve volleyball, coaching, refereeing and playing at National Level, and more recently mountain biking and long forest walks.

To contact Timea email or call 020 7653 8937

Melanie Rees

Trusts Manager

Melanie joined us in 2016, and engages with trusts and foundations. Grant applications highlight the problems people living with spinal cord injury face, and how our research could help.

Outside of work Melanie can be found weightlifting, walking in the countryside or going to the cinema. She is also the least valuable member of her pub quiz team.

To contact Mel email, or call 020 7653 8942

Louise Wheeler

Community Fundraising Manager

Louise joined in December 2015 and helps people with their own events.

Louise is amazed by our supporters, and admires the dedication of those that hold bake sales or request donations from their celebrations. "The commitment from our incredible supporters inspires me to support them along their journey."

To contact Louise about an event, email, or call 020 7653 8938

Kym Dhudwar

Individual Giving Manager

Kym joined in February 2020 and is responsible for raising funds from individual donors. She is passionate about fundraising and enjoys putting together appeals and communications. “I love what I do, I’m so lucky that I get to raise much-needed funds for causes I care about.”

Kym can usually be found enjoying brunch, working out in the gym or baking!

To contact Kym about donations, email, or call 020 7653 8943

Michael Leighton

Communications and Content Officer

Michael joined in 2020 and is responsible for creating media content for campaigns. Having an educational background in neuroscience as well as lived experience with a spinal cord injury, he is determined to learn more about cutting-edge research and the best ways to communicate this through media.

In his free time, Michael is either butchering the acoustic guitar, drawing or animating.

To contact Michael, email