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Pledge your support

Every four hours someone’s life takes an unexpected and devastating turn, one which causes frustration, grief, and a profound sense of loss both for those injured, their friends, and family.

In 1981, amid these intense emotions, Stewart Yesner, a young man determined to alter the course of paralysis after his own injury, founded Spinal Research.The goal was to fund the science needed to repair and restore the spinal cord, something which at the time seemed like an impossible challenge.

Over the past 40 years, our research has contributed to major breakthroughs in understanding spinal cord biology and repair.

The science is here and moving rapidly, what we need now is the funding to accelerate this promising research to help our community.

Today there are research facilities around the world developing a range of cutting-edge treatment pathways, some of which are now in clinical trials with promising results.

We can now say we are witnessing the first generation of treatments showing it is possible to restore function after spinal cord injury. These treatments have the potential to transform lives bringing back dignity and independence for those affected.

However, despite our strides, spinal cord injury research remains significantly underfunded. We urgently seek your support to accelerate this vital research.

I’ll never give up hoping, because I know that amazing scientists and researchers will never give up looking for ways to cure my paralysis. All it will take is more research.

Bel, injured aged 8

How to pledge your support

We are asking you to pledge your support to Spinal Research in 2024. Your pledge won’t just mean we can continue to fund our pipeline of research; it is also an investment in hope for a future where a spinal cord injury doesn’t mean a life sentence locked in paralysis. 

To pledge your support, click on the button below. On the pledge form you will have the opportunity to tell us how you plan on fulfilling your pledge in 2024. If you require some inspiration you can take a look at the ideas below.

As a token of appreciation for your dedication to bring about hope, we will send a pin badge to signify your support.

These are exciting times for research into spinal cord injury. With your support, we can push ever closer to meeting the once thought impossible challenge of a cure for paralysis. 

Ideas to honour your pledge

We have lots of ways that you can fulfil your pledge for support in 2024 including:

Fundraise your way - We have a fundraising guide full of ideas, from bake sales to physical challenges. This guide details all of our fundraising options so should be something to suit all.

Donate your Birthday - collect donations in lieu of presents and cards on your big day. You can set up a birthday Facebook Fundraiser or collect in donations yourself to send in.

Become a Spinal Research Ambassador - Join our Ambassador family and champion Spinal Research in your local area and with your network.

Not sure how you want to support research yet? No worries! Just let us know by choosing the `not decided yet' option on the form and we will get back in touch with some ideas.