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Research Network Day 2022

After 2 years, the Annual ISRT Network Meeting finally returned on the 9th and 10th of September!

This is an important event in the international research calendar, allowing over 150 of the world's leading researchers to meet again in person to share important findings and plans for the future.

This year, the event was chaired by Professor Karim Fouad and covered a range of important themes including:

  • Neuroprotection following SCI: Molecular signals around the injury site result in further impairment to spinal nerve cells. Neuroprotection is the use of treatments to limit or prevent longer-term injuries associated with these molecular signals.
  • Spinal cord repair: Repairing the existing damage to the spinal cord to help recover function.
  • Rehab and recovery: Rehabilitation methods to stimulate recovery in people living with SCI. - Neural engineering: Using assistive technology devices to recover function in people with SCI, such as electrical stimulation or bioscaffolds.
  • Inflammation and the immune system: Following SCI, systemic inflammation occurs, as does impairment to the immune system. As this can impair recovery and cause further health conditions, finding solutions for these issues is important.
  • Autonomic function: The processes of the body that occur unconsciously, such as temperature regulation, heartbeat and breathing. If disrupted following SCI, considerable health issues may occur, like dangerous instability in blood pressure.

We'd like to extend our thanks to each and every person who helped make this event a reality.

Conversations With Researchers

Introducing our short video interviews with leading researchers

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