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Solomons' Award

Awarded to applicants who endorse quality experimental medicine and translational research in the UK in the field of spinal cord injury.

The award supports the development of an early career clinical researcher with either a science or medical training background. Applicants come from clinical units and allied research institutions that have an evident traumatic spinal cord injury case mix or demonstrable interest in associated clinical research. A central theme is to encourage innovation, collaboration and research activity amongst early career researchers.

Dr Bethel Solomons

Dr Bethel Solomons

The award is generously funded by Jill Solomons in memory of her late husband, Dr Bethel Solomons MD MA FRCP. Dr Solomons was an accomplished horseman and enthusiastic supporter of horse racing. His widow funded the grant in honour of his love for horse riding, cycling and skiing, to help those who may have been less fortunate than he and injured in pursuit of sport.