Spinal Research expands charitable objects to reflect expanding research remit

Over the past few years, Spinal Research has continually extended its research funding which has necessitated an increased focus on education and influencing policy development. To better reflect the extent of our work and highlight our research goals for the coming years, we have expanded our charitable objects and have also become an incorporated body with a new charity registration number.

Although these changes do not affect the day to day running of the charity, new bank accounts are needed as we will be trading as an incorporated body, albeit with the same name – the International Spinal Research Trust.

We will be writing to all of our generous supporters to inform them of these important changes and any action that needs to be taken.

Jonathan Miall, Chief Executive of Spinal Research, said: “We have long been the champion for promoting collaboration in research into spinal cord injury and advising policy makers of the quickest and most efficient route to clinical trials.

“These activities have been a natural result of our pioneering research, setting the standard for research into spinal cord injury across the world, and our position as the UK’s leading and most influential spinal cord repair charity.

“We believe that implementing these new charitable objects is a further step in the right direction for Spinal Research and for research into spinal cord injury as a whole.”

Our old objects and our new objects can be found below.


To promote and assist in the promotion of research towards the resolving of the non and partial functions of the spinal cord by making cash grants to any of the persons and bodies specified in the recital and to publish the useful results of such research.


The objects are to work for the resolution of the non and partial function of the spinal cord in patients who have suffered spinal cord injury by:

1. Promoting or assisting the promotion of research.
2. Publishing or ensuring the publication of the useful results of such research.
3. Educating the medical profession, other healthcare professionals, patients and their families and the public at large about spinal cord injury, its treatment and associated research.
4. Advising and assisting persons within governments, health services and elsewhere who are responsible for formulating policy in relation to medical research and the establishment and design of research facilities.


Spinal Research is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales number 8409361. Registered charity number 1151015.