Spinal Research welcomes Harvey Sihota on board as CEO

Harvey, who lives with a spinal cord injury himself, has joined us to lead the organisation into the next stage of our strategic vision – to deliver effective treatments and technologies to those living with SCI.

Harvey brings with him a wealth of experience from the Finance & Technology sector as well as a track record of building a sustainable not-for-profit organisation in the SCI rehabilitation sector.

“I am excited to get started  on the next chapter for this wonderful organisation.

As a person who lives with a spinal cord injury I am all too familiar with the need and the urgency to bring about treatments and technologies for our community. Whilst some battle through and make the best of life with paralysis, many struggle with the devastating consequences that a spinal cord injury has on the body and mind.

Thanks to both our talented scientists and generous supporters we have learned so much about spinal cord biology during the last few decades.

However, the time is right for us to also direct focus to turning this valuable scientific knowledge into treatments and technologies to repair and restore the spinal cords of those that live with the daily realities of paralysis.

I look forward to applying my creativity, passion and lived experience to this role and help deliver results to an SCI community that deserves a much-needed win. I look forward to working together, as a community, to achieve our strategic vision.”

If you have any questions for Harvey or the team, please get in touch with us at info@spinal-research.org