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Student Spotlight

A new generation of neuroscientists

Meet our PhD students

Studentships have been vital in recruiting and supporting a new generation of dedicated scientists and clinicians in spinal cord injury research. Over the last two decades, Spinal Research has awarded 49 PhD studentship awards giving PhD students the opportunity to study at the UK’s leading neuroscience research laboratories.

So far, more than 40 young, talented students have successfully completed their PhD studies, with eight more in progress. More than half of these students carried on with a career in academia and over 20% of them went to complete an additional degree in medicine too. The remaining nearly 20% are currently using their knowledge on spinal cord injury in other research related occupations.

Our very first PhD students have successfully set up their own research laboratories in the UK, building further capacity to defeat paralysis. 

Read more about some of our PhD students below.

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