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...and help us develop treatments for spinal cord injury

Set up your own Virtual Bucket Collection or Festive Fundraiser

As with much of our fundraising, Spinal Research collections have been put on hold during the pandemic, however our research continues, and your support is needed now, more than ever.

Set up your own Virtual Bucket Collection or Festive Fundraiser or drop a few pounds into our Virtual Collection Bucket today!

From cake sales to sponsored walks, there is an activity that will suit you.

As well as a fundraising pack we can help with ideas, tips and help you organise your own fundraising event or develop your idea. We are here to support you. We’ll also provide you with Spinal Research T-shirts and balloons, literature and posters and help you with whatever you need.

To let us know about your event and order promotional items please click Register. To pay in money you have raised from your event please click Pay in.

Below you can find examples and ideas of the different ways you could support us and help fund our vital research into spinal cord injury.

I was just 4mm away from being paralysed in a bad car crash, I wanted to support people who weren’t so lucky and have had their lives changed forever.

Callum Nuth, raised £250 by shaving his head